8Bitdo Wireless Controller for SNES Classic Edition

Here is your chance to pre-order the Wireless Controller for SNES Classic Edition.
This is a great alternative to the super short cables that shipped with the SNES Classic Edition!

Amazon has put up several listings for the 8Bitdo 2.4G Super NES Classic Edition Wireless Controllers. If you are interested, the gamepads for the new retro system are available for pre-order.

The SN30 is based on the colors of the SNES controllers in North America while the SF30 is based on the color pallet of the Super Famicom gamepad in Japan.

Items included

  • 2.4G wireless retro Controller for your SNES classic Edition or SFC classic Edition
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery built in
  • Highest quality retro Controller available, designed with attention and care
  • Includes SN30 2.4G Controller, 2.4G receiver and USB cable

For more information check it out on Amazon.

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